ACS Martial Arts

ACS MARTIAL ARTS is one of a number of ACS designated services run by ACS MAGFA: martial arts, games and fitness academy

We take students from as young as 7 years. Our Lewsey Communit Centre class is children's only. First lesson at any acs martial arts children's class is FREE!

Welcome to acs martial arts Lewsey Community Centre

ACS MAGFA is a Luton, Bedfordshire based sports and fitness organisation running martial arts classes, via our ACS MARTIAL ARTS brand from our ACS Magfa Charles St Luton venue and satellite club at Lewsey Community Centre. ACS Martial Arts offers:

We also offer a unique and distinctive coaching style encompassing:

Our martial art jujitsu classes are not about fast belt promotion. If you want a black belt after training a couple of hours a week for 3 years or less, then off you go, press the back button on your browser now and look elsewhere - 'cos we aint for you!

If however, you'd like to learn some useful skills, meet interesting people and get to punch, kick and throw them around while building your confidence, then we might be just what you're looking for.

We don't even care if you're training in another martial art style, in fact, if you are then that's great, 'cos we want to learn - you see no egos!


ACS Martial Arts and Lewsey Community Centre

There has been Jujitsu club present at Lewsey Community Centre for a number of years, the first one International Atemi Jujitsu, run by the late Sensei Bob Cowan, has, in essence, remained running under Sensei David Brown, one of Bob's students.

We had a satellite clubs in Harpenden and, Putteridge High School but they have since closed and relocated to our Charles St venue, so Lewsey is the only ACS Martial Arts satellite venue still running.

We've also run School sessions for Luton, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire schools, self defence classes for youth groups and women in addition to 'give it a go' demonstation events.

ACS Martial Arts offer martial arts clubs and sessions that are:

You want more?

Well how about a club where you:

Sound good?

Well we think so! If you'd like to know more about ACS Martial Arts then please contact us by email or